Stilt walkers in Cornish-themed costumes from Higher Beings Circus will be doing high street walkabouts (on stilts, weather and terrain permitting) in Helston town centre on Thursday 3 December.  If you would like to see them they will be doing four forty minute sessions at the following times: 

  1. 11.00 – 11.40
  2. 11.45 – 12.25
  3. 13.00 – 13.40
  4. 15.30 – 16.10

This is part of a programme organised by Cornwall Council covering a number of Cornwall’s towns. It aims to encourage people to use their local businesses in the run up to Christmas, but at the same time to reinforce in a fun and entertaining way the need for everybody to maintain social distancing to make their shopping experiences more enjoyable and ‘comfortable’ as high streets reopen fully again after the second national lockdown