‘On Thursday 18th March Helston and District Museum of Cornish Life (HDMCL) launched a virtual exhibition showcasing the Wendron Leats and Helston Kennels exhibition. The exhibition is designed to raise awareness of:

i)                    the heritage and amazing engineering of the leats and kennels system,

ii)                  the source and flow of water from the River Cober through Wendron parish to Helston’s kennels and ultimately back to the Cober, Loe Pool and the sea  

iii)                issues relating to the management and maintenance of the system

iv)                thoughts about establishing a partnership group to provide a future sustainable operating model

The content for the exhibition was compiled by Helston Town councillors and officers, working with partner organisations including Wendron Parish Council, Cornwall Council, Cormac, the Environment Agency and South West Water.  The costs involved were supported financially through the Cornwall Council Community Chest grant allocations of local members.

Helston Town Council is grateful for the hosting, creativity and support given by the Museum. 

The exhibition is organic and it is hoped that members of the public will contribute more images and stories in the future.  It includes a drone video film following the course of the leat from its source into the town and it is the intention to add an animation of the way in which the system works at a later date.’