Grylls Monument

At the bottom of Coinagehall Street, by Helston Bowling Club, you’ll spy a majestic Victorian Gothic gate-like structure. This is the Grylls Monument.

Humphry Millet Grylls was a Helston banker and solicitor who saved 1200 jobs when he took action keep the local Wheal Vor tin mine open during the recession of 1820. He was also alderman of the borough and four-times mayor.

Humfry died in 1834 at the age of 45, and it’s reported that he was so popular his funeral procession snaked for two miles from his home in Bosahan to Helston Church.

2,386 people gave money for this neo-Gothiic archway to be built at a cost of £324. The granite ashlar structure was erected in 1834 and 196 tons of local granite was used in its construction.

Grylls Monument Helston taken from Coinagehall Street
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