Community: Sensory-Friendly Hour at Your Voice Re-Loved Boutique

We’re introducing a ‘Sensory Friendly Hour’ for anyone who may benefit from a shopping experience that is quieter, less busy & less bright.
During this time we will offer dimmer lighting, no music and and limited customers. We hope that this will go some way towards making our shop more inclusive and comfortable for members of the Neurodiverse community, and/or those with a hidden disability.
We know that for many people shopping can be an overwhelming experience and this is only a drop in the ocean but we are commited to doing all we can to be inclusive and to also ensure that all our customers feel welcome, valued & appreciated.
Our wonderful Jenna will be at the helm with empathy & understanding. Having a daughter with complex needs means that Jenna has first hand experience of how this environment can offer a more comfortable trip to our shop.
So, from 9-10am every Tuesday our shop will be exclusively open to those who will benefit from our Sensory Friendly Hour and those who support them.


25 Jun 2024


9:00 am - 10:00 am
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