Following recent proposals by Helston’s Place Shaping Team for better walking and cycling routes in the town, further work has been done to identify new ‘green’ connections linking Helston to the wider area.

At the moment Helston is in a particularly poor situation when compared with other parts of Cornwall, falling well behind other towns in terms of cycling infrastructure and leisure trails. Recent significant investments in Cornish cycle trails have been targeted elsewhere and we believe it should now be a high priority to connect our area into the growing Cornwall Wide Cycle Network.

Working with Cornwall Council and a small user group, possible ‘green’ links to support both commuting, leisure cycling and walking have been identified. Take a look at the Wider Cycling Routes Proposal Map via the link opposite which shows the existing and proposed new routes.

Work has been progressing well for the bridleway linking Penrose to Porthleven – a project jointly managed by South Kerrier Alliance and the National Trust. Planning Permission has now been granted and funding is in place for this route to be constructed early in 2022.

The Place Shaping team are now moving on to assess the opportunities for other routes to the north and east of Helston supported by part of the Town Vitality Fund award. These could allow Helston to become part of the Cornwall Wide Cycle Network and attract more people to find their way to Helston using ‘active travel’ routes.

Design work is needed to consider which routes are technically possible and discussions with landowners are still to take place. However, the team are keen to seek public input at this stage to help develop the proposals.

The project information contained in this section provides maps of the proposed routes and further information about the project. Details will be updated as the project progresses.

If you would like to make a comment or add an idea, this can be done in the Projects section of the Discover Helston website.

Cyclists at Penrose in Helston
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