Culture: An Evening with Ella Foote at The Bookshop in Helston

An Evening with Ella Foote

The Bookshop in Helston, Helston, TR13 8RB
Tue 23rd April 2024
Join us for an evening with Ella Foote, wild swimming advocate, journalist, coach and author of How to Wild Swim.Ella will share her expertise and love for swimming, with important advice on access, temperature and after-swim care to ensure you are extra prepared.

“Even as an experienced open water swimmer and qualified scuba diver I found Ella’s book useful and interesting!   There is always something new to learn and just finding a kindred spirit in Ella’s enthusiasm for the joy of wild swimming is enough to recommend this book to novice and veteran wild swimmer alike.”  Ginny at The Bookshop in Helsto


23 Apr 2024


6:30 pm
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