Helston Heritage Trail

Helston is one of Cornwall’s oldest towns and clear clues to the past can be found all around. This tour will take you around some of the key sites but really only scratches the surface of Helston’s fascinating history.

Helston is first mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086 as Henlistone. The name derives from Helys or Henlys, meaning Old Court in Cornish. Records do exist suggesting Helston dates back to Saxon times as a Royal Manor with mention of King Alfred the Great who was king of Wessex from 871 – 899.

The Heritage Trail will take you through the historic streets and along hidden opes whilst recounting some of the amazing stories and myths of Helston past – a fascinating journey.

The main trail should take about an hour at a steady walking pace, with additional time for each spur.

Pick up a copy of the Heritage Trail leaflet from the starting point at The Guildhall or call in to the Museum of Cornish Life for a leaflet and, in summertime, a guided tour of the town.

Be sure to spend some time visiting the Museum to find out more about Helston and Cornish Life.

Coinagehall Street Helston 1880s
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