Helston Makes It!

A programme of events in September

Helston Makes It! is an annual celebration of craft, both traditional and contemporary. It brings together a wide range of highly skilled makers to demonstrate their skills, give talks and run workshops.

Most of us leading busy lives, and taking time out to learn a craft – or watching an expert maker at work – is both energising and relaxing. We’re at last appreciating practical skills that have been undervalued for so many years.

This year, a partnership approach will mean even more opportunity to celebrate aspects of Helston and the surrounding area which contribute to the special character of this part of Cornwall. This year’s focus will be expanded  to include other art forms and highlight a broader range of making skills.

Activities are centred around the Museum of Cornish Life, with supporting events around the town.

Helston Makes It! runs for 2 weeks in September. To find out more and get involved,  contact Jude Carroll on 01326 573781 or email  judecarroll66@gmail.com

Helston Makes It Silversmith Anna Rennie at Work
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