Town Vitality Team propose new safe cycling routes for Helston.

Part of the work being undertaken with Helston’s Town Vitality funding is focused upon issues around the connectivity of Helston. The team has been developing proposals for cycling and walking routes in town, buses in the town centre and, in the long term, trying to re-connect Helston’s rail line.

Working with Cornwall Council, Cormac and a small user group, the team have identified designs for new cycle routes within the town which will be incorporated into a draft ‘Walking and Cycling Strategy’ for Helston. The objective is to enable as many residents as possible to cycle to most of Helston’s key amenities (schools, town centre, medical centre, sports clubs etc.) without needing to cycle on a main road.

The design work needed to consider which routes are technically possible with enough space to the side of existing carriageways to enable ‘shared use’ routes to be constructed. Shared use routes are preferably wide enough to accommodate separate lanes for cycling and walking to ensure segregation between walkers and cyclists.

The draft Plan enables around 80% of Helston’s residents to access facilities by bike without needing to cycle on a main road. It also includes plans for several improved road crossings around the town.

Having developed the draft Plan, the team are now seeking public input to further develop and finalise the proposals. If you would like to make a comment or add an idea, this can be done via the Project Collaboration Website.

Alternatively send a message via the Discover Helston Feedback Form on this website. The team are also happy to present the proposals for discussion with any interested groups or organisations – please send a message using the feedback form to make arrangements.

Following this consultation exercise, the ‘Walking and Cycling Strategy’ will be finalised and the team will bid for capital funding to implement the proposals. It is hoped that Cornwall Council will start to implement works (especially those relating to some of the important road crossings) from mid 2022



Cyclists at Penrose in Helston
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